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According to the QtiPlot Manual, we need about 10 libraries installed (Qt, Qwt, QwtPlot3D, liborigin2, muParser, boost, GSL, zlib, libpng, EmfEngine) Библиотека QwtPlot3D имеется в репозитории Ubuntu, поэтому устанавливать ее предпочтительнее с помощью Центра приложений Ubuntu, поскольку. Ported QwtPlot3D library to QOpenGLWidget which fixes problems with 3D plot Improved the user manual and added the baseline dialog to the quick help. QwtPlot3D. News · Features · API · Manual QwtPlot3D is not a program, but a feature-rich Qt/OpenGL-based C++ programming library, providing essentially.

Feb 9, 2008 This manual is organized in several chapters: -The first one describes the main concepts and terms which are used in SciDAVis. - The second. QwtPlot3D Manual. Installation · Using Conventions · Simple Plot · Mouse and Keyboard Handling · Coordinate Systems and Axes · Plotting Styles · Normal. Apr 10, 2017 ettus.com/manual/page_build_guide.html# qwt-devel qwtplot3d-qt4- devel libusbx-devel cmake python-docutils PyQwt. If the delays are not critical for you, just use the QProcess to execute gnuplot.exe. In the official manual I found this function. QwtPlot3D and Qwt must be compiled against Qt 4.x! If you want to display the manual from within SciDAVis (you can also view it with your favorite browser). The same considerations apply for the QwtPlot3D library. If you want to display the manual from within QtiPlot (you can also view it with your favorite browser).

Qwtplot3d руководство

Руководство qwtplot3d

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